Bienvenu(e) à notre nouveau site/Welcome to our new site!

We're delighted to be launching our new website for the Kansas Chapter of AATF! Please spend a few minutes (browse "Read More") to discover its potential to you as members and visitors. There's not of lot of information on the site right now being a "work in progress." I hope it will not be long before you become a working partner with us. Here are two ways you can immediately join us in building our site:

- At the top Menu, move the cursor to the right, and hover under the Photo Gallery: a "CONTACT" box will appear. Anytime you would like to send us comments, news, and ideas, just click and you will be able to email us immediately. We will try to publish your input as soon as possible!

- PHOTO GALLERY submissions are needed now! Please send a photo you'd like us to post: French teachers, students, classroom activities, travels, and more! We really need to start loading our Gallery with photos of YOU!! NB: When sending in your pics, please provide a short description: name and/or location that can be added to identify you and the story the image tells. Email any photos or other attachments to the address found at the bottom of the Photo Gallery page.

- The RESOURCES page is quite empty for the moment. We'd love to have your ideas, especially for good websites. We hope to build the "Best Practices" in French section as the site grows, a place where we can store the work you'd like to share. We also use the RESOURCES page to post important documents and forms (grant applications, chapter constitution, etc.).

As we grow we hope to add new pages with your ideas. The Menu at the top reflects only a beginning. Your chapter officers will be doing this work for you, so bear with us. There's a learning curve to climb!


- Diane Fourny, KS-AATF President 2017-2018

Jardin du Luxeumbourg, Paris

Photo by Aconcagua/1, 2013,

Creative Commons